School Assembly Ideas

Coming up with school assembly ideas can be challenging, but you can choose from a range of school assembly ideas to ensure that my animal assembly fits in with your curriculum or pastoral themes.  Each one provides an opportunity to see and interact with animals while learning important information about conservation, animals, and the environment. There are a wide range of themes to choose from, but each one is engaging and exciting for any age group.

Conservation School Assemblies

Conservation is at the heart of every assembly, and your booking can help fund conservation efforts in Africa and around the world. During a conservation-themed assembly, I talk about the importance of looking after animals, preventing poaching, and ensuring that they have a good environment to live in.

School Assemblies on the Environment

The environment is a key issue in schools around the world since these children will need to help clean up the environment and find ways to share resources and live together. If you would like me to focus on the environment, I can discuss the environments that animals live in, how we are encroaching on those environments, and how important it is to protect it.

School Assemblies on Climate Change

Climate change has a huge impact on animal lifestyles, their environment, and whether they can survive at all. If the climate gets too hot or too cold, it can have a drastic impact on animal populations. I can talk about the impact of environment and temperature changes on the animals while introducing children to the very animals affected. Some of these introductions can be weather dependent.

Educational School Assemblies

Having a real-life safari or zoo at school is always an adventure, but it teaches children valuable information about animals and the world around them too. Every school assembly is educational and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for children to ask questions and find out more about the theme.

Assemblies About Endangered Species

Some of the animals I work with are related to endangered species. Talking about how species become endangered and what you can do about it is a key part of ensuring that the list doesn’t grow and that we don’t wipe out more species around the world.

Assemblies Based on TV Shows

Over the years, I’ve been on TV shows talking about animals and conservation throughout the UK and around the world. My outgoing personality is perfect for creating a TV experience at your school. Parents often say that it’s like bringing the Deadly 60 to the school!


I just wanted to say a big thank you to Safari Pete for his great entertainment at my son’s party today. We all had a fantastic time, Pete was excellent with the children and the other parents seemed just as interested as well – I think they wanted to book a grown-ups Safari Pete party! Zack asked me at bedtime to book Safari Pete for animal parties until he is a grown up and can book his own parties. He absolutely loved it

-Rebecca and Marc Summer
We had Safari Pete do the show at our daughters’ birthday. I cannot emphasize just how great the show was and how fabulous Pete was!! Not only were the children captivated but the adults were blown away as well. Everyone has been raving to me about the show post party and I thought it would be good for all of you to hear that it is definitely one of the best birthday entertainment around! Safari Pete was spot on with the children and he is obviously very good at his job which is undoubtedly his passion as well. Thank you all for making our two daughters’ birthday party absolutely thrilling, you couldn’t have made my two children and all the guests happier!!

-Sacha Lamey
Please pass on my thanks to Safari pete for the party he did with my daughter on Sunday. It was absolutely amazing! The children loved it and so did the grown ups!

-Anita Amos